The Pear Shaped Diamond – The Perfect Shape For Rings and Necklace Pendants


Also referred to as the “teardrop diamond”, the pear shaped diamond is quite unique and stunningly beautiful. This cut is a combination of the  round-brilliant and the marquise. These shapes tend to give off tons of sparkle and shine thanks to the cut and the multi-facets. This shape lends sophistication and class to any type of ring setting, be it simple or elaborate.


Selecting the Perfect Pear Shaped Diamond


Budget is the most obvious hindrance when it comes to purchasing the highest quality pear shaped diamond. However, it is imperative that you select the best quality diamond that you can afford. When it comes to selecting a pear shaped diamond, there are essentially two major cutting factors to pay attention to: the “bow-tie” effect and “uneven” shoulders.


A little bit of a bow-tie effect is not highly unusual when the diamond is examined from a variety of angles and in varying lights. However, what you want to avoid are diamonds that have obvious dark spots that is dull no matter what angle the diamond is examined from. This defect is quite obvious, and one that won’t take much effort to notice.


Uneven shoulders refers to pear shaped diamonds that are not completely round on the non-pointed end of the pear shaped diamond. This end of the diamond should have a gentle arc. In the case of a diamond with uneven shoulders, the non-pointed end will not have this even, flowing arc, but rather an uneven, squared off look to it.


These defects are not things that need to be examined by a professional under a microscope. You’ll be able to spot these defects right away, as long as you know what to look for. A pear shaped diamond with any one of these cutting defects is worth much less than those that do not have these defects.


Because of the shape, pear shaped diamonds need specialized settings. Generally speaking, an added prong is required to help protect the point of the diamond; six prongs is the standard for setting and securing a pear shaped diamond into place.


Below are a few ideas of the type of jewelry that you can find online that feature gorgeous, high quality, certified pear-shaped diamonds. These diamonds are stunning, and are made even more beautiful by their setting. They’ll be sure to look stunning on any finger or neckline!


Where to Buy Pear Shaped Diamond Jewelry


You can’t go wrong with this stunning 0.36 tcw Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring, with a split band accented with round diamonds! The center pear shaped diamond is secured by prongs. The 14K white gold setting features a split band accented by 32 round diamonds that have a total weight of 0.36 carat. This stunning ring is available for purchase for $1,194 at MDC Diamonds. 

This Pear Shaped Halo Diamond Engagement Ring is available at Blue Nile for $1,775. This exquisite ring is one that any woman would be thrilled to accept. This stunning ring is delicate in design, and showcases micropavé-set diamonds to frame the gorgeous pear shaped diamond.


Mark Broumand is known for a stunning diamond jewelry collection, and this 1.61ct Fancy Light Yellow Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring is no exception. This outstanding fancy yellow pear shape diamond ring is made with amazing quality, design and craftsmanship. The diamond’s cut is beautiful, and sparkles effortlessly. The custom made setting features a halo of round brilliant cut diamonds that are set around the center, as well as a row of round diamonds down the shank. This amazing piece of jewelry is priced at $4,495.


Aside from engagement rings, you’ll also find pear-shaped pendants, such as this gorgeous 0.60ct Pear Shape Diamond Pendant from Mark Broumand for $,1595. This stunning pendant is set with a beautiful round diamond at the hoop, along with a dangling pear shaped diamond drop. This diamond pendent is custom made in high polish 18K white gold, and set with the highest quality diamonds!

Which Way is a Pear Shaped Diamond Ring Supposed to Be Worn?


One of the most common queries about pear shaped diamond rings is which direction the point should be facing – up or down? The truth of the matter is, there is no right or wrong way. You should simply wear the ring the way you prefer.


Some people like to wear the ring with the point facing away from them so that when they look at their hand, the shape of the pear is right-side-up. Others prefer to wear it the other way around so that the people looking at their hand will see the pear shape right-side-up.


There really is no industry standard or tradition for that matter for this situation. Here’s a tip – many women wear the pointed end towards the fingernails provides a more slimming effect.


Pear shaped diamonds are absolutely stunning and gorgeous, and really can make even the dullest outfits look dazzling. They can be the center-point of any ensemble, and will catch anyone’s attention with their dazzling multi-faceted shape and cut. If you are looking for a classic yet sophisticated looking piece of jewelry


Style and Sophistication With Diamond Cuff Bracelets

No one can resist the allure and charm of a sparkling diamond. Regardless of the type of jewelry they are fixed on, diamonds add a sense of sophistication and timelessness that simply cannot be compared to.


Diamond cuff bracelets in particular are a stunning blend of class and style. You’ll often see more and more celebrities and notable figures wearing these stunning diamond cuff bracelets. Michelle Obama herself dazzled at a recent DNC fundraiser with her left wrist covered in diamonds. Michelle was wearing an amazing diamond cuff bracelet by Texas-based jeweller, Katie Decker, which is reportedly worth an astounding $42,150. These white gold cuffs caught the spotlight as she spoke to the audience.


Imitating Michelle’s style with these fabulous diamonds draped across a stunning cuff bracelet can be done at a fraction of the price. Finding the right cuff for your wrist can be done at some of the following reputable diamond dealers.


Where to Buy Diamond Cuff Bracelets

Ross Simons supplies some of the most gorgeous and stunning diamond cuff bracelets on the market. For example, this 4.45 Carat Diamond Cuff Bracelet In 14kt Two-Tone Gold is absolutely fantastic. The diamonds give it sophistication, while the vine design gives it a trendy vibe that will allow you to pair it with just about any outfit. In addition, the floral motif in the pattern gives it an added flair. Ross Simons sells this beautiful piece of jewelry for $9,796.50.




You can find this pretty 0.33 CT. Diamond Cuff in Sterling Silver at Peoples Jewellers for an amazing low price of $499.00! Your wrist will simply be spoiled with this dazzling piece of jewelry. This cuff is vintage-enthused, providing you with a sense of class and timelessness. The sterling silver milgrain bangle bracelet accompanies the round pavé-set diamonds.


You might be surprised to know that also sells fantastic diamond cuff bracelets. One gorgeous cuff in particular is this magnificent Black Diamond Scroll Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver, which sells for $1,310. This cuff is crafted from .925 sterling silver, and features 125 round, 1 – 1.2mm, black diamonds for a total diamond weight of 3/4 carat. This particular cuff ships from and is sold by The Black Bow.
 sells this incredible 18k White Gold 2 1/2ct Diamond Cuff Bracelet for $6.774. This magnificent bracelet features lovely swirls adorned with dazzling diamonds. The bracelet is made of lustrous 18-karat white gold, and makes the perfect choice for formal occasions.


How to Buy Diamond Cuff Bracelets

Perhaps the thought of buying diamond jewelry is overwhelming, considering some of the factors that go into grading and pricing these precious stones. As long as you know the basics of diamonds – such as the “4 C’s” – you will be armed with the knowledge necessary to make an informed purchase.


The 4 C’s Of Diamonds

Grading and categorizing diamonds is done by using 4 categories:


1) Cut – This very well may be the most important of the 4 C’s. The cut refers to how many facets are cut on the diamond, which gives it its brilliance and glimmer.


2) Clarity – During the formation process, many diamonds will have certain flaws. Diamonds that are more clear and have greater visibility are subsequently valued more and priced much higher than those that are more flawed.


Color – Colorless diamonds are able to refract light more readily, and are therefore able to provide more sparkle. For this reason, diamonds that are colorless are often highly desirable.


Carat – The carat of the diamond is the unit of weight that each diamond is measured by. Considering the fact that larger diamonds are much more rare than smaller diamonds, these larger diamonds that have more carat weight have a much higher value. Prices of diamonds rise considerably as the size of the diamond increases.


You may also want to add in a fifth “C”, as in ‘certification’ of the diamonds. Having this certification is quite important as well in order to have a complete evaluation of the diamond. This certification process is performed by qualified professionals using special gemological instruments. Each diamond will have its own individual and unique characteristics, which will be listed on the certificate.


When purchasing a diamond cuff bracelet, you’ll want to have all these factors in mind before you open your wallet. Consider also the design of the bracelet, and how the diamonds are laid out and decorate the entire cuff. Your ensemble doesn’t have to be very flashy when you pair it with an amazing diamond cuff. The diamonds alone will make the outfit!


The Allure of the Pink Diamond

Pink diamonds give women a slight twist to the traditional white diamond. These gorgeous pink diamonds are used on a variety of pieces of jewelry, including engagement rings, stud earrings, and stunning cuff bracelets.

Pink diamonds get their exotic color through a process called Plastic Deformation, which happens during the growth of the crystal. These majestic pink diamonds are considered “type II” diamonds.

Most of the pink diamonds are mined in Australia from the Argyle mine, which actually specializes in pink diamonds. Pink diamonds are quite rare – in fact, less than 1% of the diamonds mined from the specialized Argyle mine in Australia are pink. the Natural Fancy Pink Diamond is particularly rare – out of every 1 million carat of white diamonds, only 1 carat is a fancy pink. These are incredibly popular stones, despite their price.

Investors and collectors love pink diamonds, and tend to favor them due to their extreme rarity and beauty. These pink diamonds have steadily shown an increase in value over time, which is why diamond investors love these particular diamonds. You can easily pay over $100,000 for a 1 carat natural pink diamond!

Considering how rare pink diamonds are, you should only purchase your pink diamond jewelry from a reputable and trusted jewelry dealer. Consider purchasing your exquisite pink diamond jewelry from the following dealers and suppliers.

Where to Buy Pink Diamond Jewelry

One of the best places online to find pink diamond jewelry is They have a few pieces of pink diamond jewelry that is stunningly gorgeous and high quality. Consider a couple of their pink diamond pieces that they currently have available for purchase on their website:


These beautiful yet simple 14k White Gold 1/4ct TDW Round Pink Diamond Stud Earrings can be found at for $276. Each earring has a round cut pink diamond that is placed in a prong setting. These earrings are made with gorgeous 14-karat white gold and secured with butterfly clasps. also has these lovely 14k White Gold 1ct TDW Pink and White Diamond Earrings for $1,342. These stunning dangle earrings are manufactured with round-cut pink and white diamonds that are all set in 14-karat white gold. These unique pink and white diamond earrings are secured with leverback clasps, and shined with a highly polished accent.


Another place where you’ll find pink diamond jewelry is at They currently have this fabulous 2.00 CT Pink Diamond Engagement Ring for sale for $7,199. This top quality pink diamond ring features a SI-1 clarity pink diamond that is sure to stun even the pickiest person. This pink diamond ring is sold and shipped from Kosher Diamonds.


This phenomenal pink man-made diamond engagement ring sells for $5,096 at Gilletts Jewellers. It features a special 0.51ct man-made apricot pink diamond. This beautiful ring also features 30 G color, Vs clarity brilliant cut white natural diamonds. The combined diamond weight is 0.18kt.


Prism Gem sells this lovely Pink and White Diamond Pendant for $1,999. The diamond weight measures at 0.90 carats, and the white gold weight comes in at 3.2 to make up a gorgeous and highly valued piece of jewelry.



Pink Diamonds Are a Popular Choice Among Celebrities

Pink dimaonds have long been a desirable and precious stone, but the use of these particular diamonds from celebrities sky-rocketed their popularity. You’ll often see fashion-conscious celebrities adorning their fingers with gorgeous pink diamonds. Jennifer Lopez famously showed off her impressive 6 carat pink diamond engagement ring after her brief engagement to Ben Affleck. Victoria Beckham was also proud to display her amazing pink diamond ring that she received from hubby David as an apology gift.

The attention that these pieces of jewelry got from the media and the public caused a frenzy of women all over the world coveting this precious stone. This quickly became a fashion accessory that every woman needed to have.

What Affects the Prices You’ll Pay For Pink Diamonds

The price that you will be looking at paying for precious pink diamonds will depend on a few factors, including the intensity of the color. For colored diamonds like pink diamonds, the color aspect has a huge impact on the price of the diamond, especially for extremely rare colors like pink. The majority of the pink diamonds in existence are fancy light pink diamonds, but you’ll also find pink diamonds that are deep pink, vivid pink, and intense pink. The latter colors will demand much higher pricing than fainter pink colored diamonds.

Pink diamonds are absolutely stunning, and will always be a highly desired diamond. Regardless of the the type of jewelry that this precious stone is placed on, it will be sure to make an outstanding piece of jewelry for yourself to wear or as a gift for that special someone.

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Wearing designer clothing and the latest styles, we see the well-dressed man in magazines, on billboards, all over the media.  Fashion has exploded for men and there’s nothing more appealing for a woman than a well-dressed, stylish man.  These days, men care more and more about how they look when they dress.  They’re concerned about their clothing, grooming and overall appearance.  Fashion and style is no longer just a woman’s domain.  Men like to look good, and a quality dress shirt, oxford style, will add to the overall package.  Find them at in all varieties.


Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings – A Classic Look Making a Splash on the Jewelry Scene

Oval shaped diamonds were first cut back in the 1950′s, and have always been somewhat of a popular choice for women who wanted an engagement ring that showed off a bit of style and class. However, only recently has the oval cut diamond engagement ring been making such a big splash on the diamond jewelry scene. For this reason, large diamond jewelry retailers have been quite successful in the sale of these lovely and classic engagement rings.


With this rise in the mainstream popularity of oval cut diamonds for engagement and wedding rings, jewelry retailers have been launching amazing collections of rings featuring the oval shaped diamond as the main event. For those women who want something extraordinary, oval cut diamonds have been the obvious choice. The fact that numerous celebrities have been flashing them on their hands in photos has made these diamond rings even more popular among newly engaged women.


Where to Buy Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Rings


You’ll be able to find some of the most beautiful oval shaped diamond engagement rings at places like Amcor Design, who carry a wide range of spectacular oval shaped diamonds set in various precious metals to make the perfect engagement ring. Their Platinum Double Halo Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring retails for $2610, and is beautifully styledwith an amazing 0.50 carat oval cut diamond center, which is accompanied by 0.60 side stones. These diamonds have incredible brilliance and are set on rich 950 Platinum.


Another place to find fabulous diamond rings with oval cut stones is at Goel Tala Diamonds, who sells and supplies gorgeous and lustrous oval shaped diamond cut engagement rings. Their 1.75 carat Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in 14K White Gold sells for $3399, and is guaranteed to wow any unsuspecting fiance-to-be.


Where to Buy Oval Shaped Diamond Rings


King of Jewelry sells this amazing 1.78 Ct. Oval Cut & Round Cut Diamond Bridal Set for $2,895. This enchanting oval shaped diamond engagement ring and its matching wedding band will capture anyone’s attention with its exquisite appeal. The stunning 1 carat glistening oval shaped diamond center makes this ring glow. This ring has a wonderful natural colored hue, with a claw that is set to hold it securely in place.



You’ll also be able to find remarkable oval diamond rings at Mark Broumand, such as this impressive 1.95ct Fancy Yellow Oval Cut Diamond Engagement Anniversary Ring for $5,995. This fabulous yellow oval cut diamond engagement ring has such an amazing combination, starting with the stunning oval-shaped diamond set in the center. The unique rich canary yellow color is very clear, even under magnification. This dainty and sparkling ring is sure to dazzle anyone with its gleam and glimmer!


Allurez is yet another outstanding jewelry supplier who sells oval shaped diamond rings of the highest quality at great prices. In particular, the Split Shank Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in 14k White Gold is a fabulous buy at $2,332. This traditional split shank oval shape diamond engagement ring displays 60 diamonds set in an incredible 14kt white gold setting. The halo of diamonds envelopes the center diamond to display a floral design. You’ll also be able to find this outstanding halo engagement ring in other precious metals, like platinum.



Why Buy Oval Shaped Diamond Rings?


Although oval cut diamonds for rings are considered to be an antique look, they have made an amazing burst onto the scene of engagement rings after decades of being somewhat dormant. Their lasting impression and subtle effect keeps it classic, yet modern in every era that comes and goes. Whether set in white gold or platinum, these oval shape diamond engagement rings look elegant and sophisticated on any finger.


Online diamond jewelry retailers give you opportunity to select from a vast collection of gorgeous diamond rings at your convenience. There are a plethora of diamond jewelry suppliers online that have a wide variety of oval cut diamond rings that will certainly be perfect for any engagement. Make the ring as unique as possible with the selection of size, color, setting and backing that is offered by many of these jewelry suppliers mentioned above. Pair it with a diamond wedding band to make a complete set.


Nothing beats staying up-to-date in style and fashion, while still maintaining and holding onto a sense of timelessness that comes with an oval cut diamond engagement ring. Go online today and discover the vast array of oval shaped diamond rings available to the online shopper.

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The Timeless Beauty of Diamond Stud Earrings


Diamond studs are classic, elegant pieces of jewelry that have stood the test of time. They provide just the right amount of sparkle and class with their simplicity and natural gleam. You’ll never run the risk of having your diamond stud earrings go out of style, as their style is timeless.


When shopping for jewelry, you made find the choices overwhelming and the styles much too trendy to last. This is especially true when you really don’t know exactly what you are searching for. Such is not the case for diamond stud earrings – this type of jewelry is a classic choice when selecting earrings for yourself or as a gift for your significant other. They are simple enough to wear with your jeans, yet elegant enough to wear on your wedding day.


Nowadays, you’ll be able to find diamond stud earrings that come in a variety of colors, metal backings and shapes, as well as varying carats and weight. Read on to find out where to get great buys on gorgeous and timeless diamond stud earrings.


Where to Buy Diamond Stud Earrings


Shopping online for diamond studs is probably your best bet when you are looking for high quality earrings at great prices. in addition, you’ll be able to easily and onveniently browse at all the online shops and compare models from the comfort of your own home!


One of the best places to start online shopping for diamond studs is at They have the most amazing products of the highest quality at reasonable prices. They carry all sort of cuts of diamonds, as well as a variety of metals and settings. You can even find gorgeous 14k white gold round pink diamond stud earrings for $277.10!


In addition to, you’ll also find amazing diamond studs at, where you’ll find the perfect earrings backed by guarantees. Only the highest quality certified diamond stud earrings are supplied at Diamond Stud Source, suh as their fabulous 1 Carat diamond stud earrings in G-H color for $1299.



These 14k White Gold 1/4 Ct Diamond Earrings are available at for $265.05. These lovely solitaire-style stud earrings are fabricated using  round-cut certified white diamonds in prong settings. The super polished finish tops off the elegant look of these 14-karat white gold diamond stud earrings.



These lovely 0.60 CT. Diamond Solitaire Stud Earrings in 14K White Gold are available for purchase at for a fabulous price of $499.00. These 0.60 ct. diamond solitaire stud earrings are round in shape, and are set in 14K white gold, and feature a color ranking of K – L and clarity ranking of I2 – I3. These stud earrings are kept secure with friction backs.


These Princess-Cut Diamond Earrings are set in platinum prongs, and are available at for $2,220.00. The princess-cut is absolutely stunning and unique. These earrings are finished with posts and screw backings for pierced ears. The weight of each earring is approximately  1/2 carat, for a highly valuable buy. Anyone would be ecstatic to have their ears adorned with these fabulous diamond stud earrings from Blue Nile.



Things to Consider When Purchasing Diamond Stud Earrings


When shopping for diamond studs, consider some of your options before you buy:


Size of the Diamond – What exact size do you have in mind for your studs? There are a variety of factors that go into determining what size you want or need. First of all, your personal style should be considered. Smaller diamonds are more easily paired with day-time apparel, while larger diamonds can be pulled off with evening outfits. A carat is the actual weight of the diamond itself, which is what the diamond industry refers to when speaking of the size of the diamond. The total carat weight for the pair of earrings includes both earrings: therefore, the size of 1 carat studs means that each earring is 0.5 carats.


Cut of the Diamond – Round diamonds are not the only shape that you’ll find with diamond studs. There are so many different cuts and shapes to choose from. Aside from round cuts, you’ll also find squares, hearts, tear drops, and so forth. The round are definitely the most popular, which reflects the most sparkles from their 58 facets.


Quality of the Diamond – Diamonds are graded in the industry according to their carat, cut, clarity and color. Color is rated on an alphabetical scale: D-F for colorless, G-I for near colorless, J-K for slight color and L-R for good color. The clarity of the diamond refers to its flaws.


Your Budget - Obviously, the amount you can afford to pay will play a big role in the diamond studs you purchase. Luckily, diamond studs are available in a wide range of prices, from under $100 to the tens of thousands. Larger, flawless and colorless diamonds are more rare, and therefore are the more expensive types.


You simply can’t go wrong with a simple, classic and elegant pair of diamond stud earrings. Owning jewelry made from rare stones like the magestic diamond can add a sense of sophistication to anyone wearing them. The fact that the prices for these earrings range greatly makes them accessible to just about anyone, even with the tightest budget.

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